Featured projects I have built over the years

I have worked on many different projects over the years. These are just the ones I am the most proud of, and that taught me a lot.

Directive Health



Directive Health is a project that connects Health Systems and Hospitals within the Health Systems in the USA. It is a mobile application that allows users to sign up and picks a health provider(s) and hospital(s). The user data is pulled and presented in the app - blood results, diagnosis...

Sight Vie



SIGHT VIEW is a solution designed specifically for the construction domain. The construction domain is a chain of companies consisting of customers, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, partners (and more). All companies in the chain have to prove that the work is going according to plans and the contract. SIGHT VIEW provides transparency in the whole chain...

Virtual Surgery



Virtual Surgery software is an ambitious project that aims specific group of users - Doctors, Healthcare Sales Representatives, Students and Hospital Stakeholders. The idea is to allow specific, licensed, and verified users to access the...




KLERP is the project that implements the complex business logic for the Local Economic Development Office. KLERP implements the logic for applying to a funding program relating to specific measures that the city council adopts at the meeting. It requires interested companies to register to the platform, apply to the program/programs, wait for the administrator to approve the project...

Digital Private Banking

Banking and Trading


The Digital Private Banking project is the Financial and Trading project. The project includes banking and trading for the users with their accounts registered at the private financial institution. Tracking portfolio success, equities, bonds, ETFs, creating and executing trades, two-factor authentication, and maximum security is just a glance into this big project.

Luminaire broker

Supply and Demand


Luminaire Broker connects designers, engineers, and architects shaping lighting solutions in collaboration with lighting industry: matching suppliers to specifications. Arup (Luminaire Broker) project implements the business logic regarding the supply and demand of lighting solutions. It starts with sending invitations from the super admin to supply and demand companies...


TV and Entertainment


The Scrambling project is the platform that provides TV program scheme administrators to create, read, update and delete TV scheme instructions and rules. The basic idea behind the project is to "scramble" those rules that will indicate changes to the TV program scheme in several countries and will affect several TV program providers...


Enterprise Resource Planning


The VetCloud project offers a business solution to veterinarian organizations. It provides administration services to the veterinarians and clinics that take care of the animals. My responsibilities were to refactor the legacy codebase and implement layout structure, styling, and CRUD operations for the specific pages while actively communicating with the project owner...


Internet Fraud Prevention


The Wangrin Internet Fraud Portal is a project that offers a business logic solution to the client that registers Law Enforcement Agencies and Internet Fraud cases. While working on the project I was a part of the team dedicated to designing and developing the Front-End part of the project using Angular 8...