Internet Fraud Prevention


The Wangrin Internet Fraud Portal is a project that offers a business logic solution to the client that registers Law Enforcement Agencies and Internet Fraud cases.

While working on the project I was a part of the team dedicated to designing and developing the Front-End part of the project using Angular 8 (upgraded to Angular 9 and Angular 10) with Material Design, NgRX and RxJS. I worked on the pages that implement CRUD operations. I also worked on the functionality of the web applications' search engine that will search specific cases and provide useful information to the Law Enforcement Officer using the application. The application is optimized to work on any device and to handle slow 3G networks that many of the users will experience in their region. I participated in a weekly meetings where we demoed platform and, If necessary, asked for additional information so we could design and develop the best product for the client.



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