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The Scrambling project is the platform that provides TV program scheme administrators to create, read, update and delete TV scheme instructions and rules.

The basic idea behind the project is to "scramble" those rules that will indicate changes to the TV program scheme in several countries and will affect several TV program providers. The Scrambling project is built using ReactJS (Typescript) with Redux, with Material UI and Storybook on the Front-End and Java Spring Boot on the Back-End.

KLERP is the project that implements the complex business logic for the Local Economic Development Office.

KLERP implements the logic for applying to a funding program relating to specific measures that the city council adopts at the meeting. It requires interested companies to register to the platform, apply to the program/programs, wait for the administrator to approve the project, get funded, submit financial reports, etc. It also allows the administrator to create a budget and assign a resources for each program. It also allows the administrator to add a project manager and assign a project manager to a specific project. A project manager is responsible for performing inspections and approving/declining financial reports submitted by the company.

The project is developed using ReactJS with AntDesign UI, styled-components and Redux components on the Front-End and Node.js on the Back-End

Scope of work:

  • Client requirements analysis
  • Develop ReactJS (TypeScript) Front-End application
  • Create Wireframes
  • Keep test coverage above 85%
  • Legacy code refactoring and maintenance



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